Food Safety at A.M.S. Exotic

Fresh Foods: Can Traceability be trusted?

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It can if your purchasing Earth Exotics Premium Vegetables. Earth Exotics Premium Vegetables utilize the latest technology from HarvestMark, the fresh food traceability solution. We are proud to announce the introduction of HarvestMark and to provide an answer to the age old question, where did this come from? Now you can find out. We are passionate about providing safe, healthy food to our customers around the world. We know our customers want peace of mind and access to information about the food they choose to buy.

By utilizing HarvestMark we are able to provide our customers with item level traceability information, this provides security and peace of mind in your purchase. When you see the HarvestMark code on our Earth Exotics Premium Vegetables you will be able to follow that package all the way back to the farm, not just a type of product, but that individual package you purchased. We understand that today's busy shopper wants more than just a fair product at a low price, they want peace of mind, they want to know if it's fresh and safe and where it comes from. HarvestMark and Earth Exotics puts the farm right in your kitchen by making it possible for each and every Earth Exotics product to tell it's story anytime, anywhere.

It is easy and convenient to use, simply choose your Earth Exotics Premium Vegetable item, go to the HarvestMark or  Earth Exotics web site, enter the traceability code on the package. Once you've done that, your product information specific to that single package of product you purchased will be waiting for you. It's that simple!  

Earth Exotics is very proud of its Good Agricultural Practices and Excellent Food Safety record, but more can be done. With the introduction of the HarvestMark Traceability Solution, we have once again taken a significant step forward to provide Safe, Healthy Food for our customers. Our passion extends beyond simply packaging and selling vegetables, our passion resides in knowing that we offer the finest, safest, highest quality vegetables. When you buy Earth Exotics Premium Vegetables, you buy peace of mind. It is our hope that you will think of our brand differently, when you see the HarvestMark Traceability Code after all, why buy anything less when you can buy the best?  

Good agricultural practices

We have worked hard for more than a decade in an effort to control every aspect of the process that brings you the high quality Earth Exotics™ Premium Vegetables. Our company believes in Vertical Integration and Sustainable Growing practices for our Produce Program. We go beyond just producing fresh produce for you, our customer.

We are in control of the Seed Varieties and Growing Practices that are utilized to grow our products. Our Packaging facilities are built to our specifications and are certified by outside, Third Party Inspection Companies. We are proud to say that we have been awarded the most prestigious level of certification, four years running.

We are very proud of the Protocols that we have put in place with our Growing Partners. From the beginning of this process we wanted to establish a strong, efficient, conscientious growing network, to ensure that our growers are growing Environmentally Friendly Products and using Sustainable Growing Practices.

A.M.S. Exotic and our Growing Partners have put in effect a number of practices that allow for greater sustainability of the land they farm, practices such as:

  • Purified Well Water for all our Greenhouses and Field Operations
  • Drip Irrigation in all fields, utilizing less water.
  • Organic Compost for all of our crops.
  • Our pesticides are more than 70% organic and we treat only the area affected; we do not allow field spraying techniques to be used.
  • We also utilize an intricate land rotation plan for every crop; this is done to preserve the strength of the land and to eliminate and natural bacteria.
  • We do not allow field burning as a mechanism for controlling pests or bacteria. This robs the land of its powerful nutrients.
  • Our Crops are fenced and closed
  • Our products are hand harvested. This certainly adds to the cost to grow the product, but it also is good for the environment and the economies of the areas we grow in.
  • Full traceability down to the field the product was grown in.
  • Our harvesters are required to wear hairnets and gloves in the fields.

At A.M.S. Exotic we are proud of our efforts, however they are ongoing and we will continue to find ways to improve our products through good environmentally sound practices, with an effort to improve our sustainability in the fields we farm with our Growing Partners.