A.M.S. sources product from only the best suppliers who are willing to make the extra effort to please customers overseas. These growers are not necessarily the biggest—we frequently deal with small/medium size farms who have developed a particular niche product. The A.M.S. team members travel extensively around the world to find new growers to further strengthen our supply base.

At A.M.S. we view our customers as partners and we deal with only a few select ones in each market. We have minimal overhead to keep our pricing competitive and our clients ahead of the game. A.M.S. is available 24/7. Click on the services tab for more information on what A.M.S. can do for your business.

We believe that good communication is one of our strongest attributes. Regular communication with our suppliers and our clients creates opportunities for everyone to increase sales and can equally prevent problems when produce quality is not at its best. Our ability to source various items for one shipment and to find products in short supply makes A.M.S. a team you can count on.